AHA & ASHI Class and Price List

ASHI Certified Courses

1st Aid/CPR ~ $40.00

1st Aid only ~ $40.00

CPR only (non healthcare provider) ~ $40.00

1st Aid/CPR/BBP ~ $50.00

Book ~ $10.00

Replacement cards ~ $15.00

ASHI Business Discount ~ $5.00 off price of class per student (no discount on replacement cards)

American Heart Association Certified Courses

Heartsaver (First Aid/CPR/AED ~ Adult/Child/Infant) ~ $50.00 pre pay

Heartsaver (First Aid Only) ~ $50.00 pre pay

Heartsaver (CPR Only) ~ $50.00 pre pay

Heartsaver Skills Testing ~ $45.00 pre pay

Heartsaver Student Manual  ~  $10.00

Heartsaver 1st Aid/CPR/BBP ~ $60.00

Healthcare Provider (This course does not cover First Aid) Now BLS ~ $40.00

BLS & 1st Aid ~ $70.00

BLS Healthcare Provider Skills Testing $35.00

BLS Student Manual ~ $20.00

AHA Business Discount
Heartsaver ~ $45.00 
BLS ~ $35.00 
Heartsaver 1st Aid/CPR/BBP $50.00
BLS & 1st Aid ~ $65.00


Instructor Courses

  • Healthcare Provider BLS Instructor
  • Heartsaver Instructor

Instructor Recertification Course

Other Courses

On Line Blood Borne Pathogens Course ~ AHA ~ $40.00

Bloodborne Pathogens
One hour course that works well with daycare settings. $20.00

HIV Training
4 hour HIV course $40.00

Babysitting Course (For youth under 16 years of age)
This is more of a one on one time with the kiddos ~ great information to give parents piece of mind while they are away from their kids or they are babysitting.  $35.00

Heads Up - Concussions in High School Sports 
Offering two classes: 
1.  A hour and a half to two hour class for individuals wanting to know what to do with head injuries in sporting events - what to look for, how to handle the situation, what to do next  and what to do after the injury.
2.  A 3 to 4 hour class with more details of the above class and extensive information on head injuries.(price of the course depends on the length of the course and number of students)