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N95 Fit Testing

From small facilities to large facilities to individuals.

N95 Fit Testing is Department of Health approved.  We will come to facilities or conduct fit testing at our facility for a discounted rate.  The testing runs about 30 minutes per person.

Prior to Testing

Each person testing must be medically released to wear a respirator.  The individual will sign off on this release.

​Prior to testing each individual need to follow these rules:

  1. No smoking or vaping 15 min prior to test

  2. No eating or drinking (anything but water) 15 min prior to test

  3. Faces must be clean shaven.

  4. No earings

  5. Please be wearing what you would wear to work and have your hair as it would be at work.  i.e. Those that wear their hair up at work should wear it that way during the test. 

Testing must be completed annually 

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