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AHA BLS Instructor Courses

Instructor courses new or renewal must be paid a minimum of two weeks in advanced.

The first step to becoming an AHA instructor is to contact our site. or 509-251-1451

Our instructor courses include BLS includes Heartsaver 1st Aid/CPR or BLS HCP.

Course material included in the class price:

  • CPR Instructor Manual

  • Core Instructor course (on line section of the course)

  • Heartsaver or HCP Instructor Manual

  • Heartsaver Training DVD ORHCP Training DVD

  • 2-year Instructor Certification Card

  • Follow up assistance as needed

Required Prior to Enrollment: A current CPR & First Aid Certification from an accepted accredited organization. If you currently are not certified we can certify you prior to the class for a small additional fee.

Price $40.00 plus book.

BLS HCP Instructor Course $620.00

Heartsaver 1st Aid/CPR Instructor Course $630.00

BLS Instructor Renewal (Does Not include instructor alignment) $125 ($10.00 fee for card payment)

ASHI Instructor Course

Course includes alignment with Training Center, 1st Aid materials, CPR materials and on line course work. Also includes Instructor one on one training and class monitoring.

Price with materials is $645.00  Instructor renewal $130.00

Class Time: 3 hours of computer pre class work, 7 hours class time. One class monitored of your own.

Instructor course must be paid a minimum of 14 days in advanced of the day of the class ~ no exceptions. For some reason you are not able to attend scheduled class you have 30 days to reschedule with an $80.00 fee. (Course and monitoring must be completed with in 60 days or there will be a fee to complete the course). When scheduling monitoring course this must be set two weeks prior to that class. If this class is cancelled and re-scheduled there will be a fee to re-schedule that class.

Completing the core course and the classroom section does not complete the instructor course. You must successfully teach a class while being monitored by Training Center Faculty to be an instructor. Payment of course Does Not guarantee becoming an instructor, candidate must complete all sections successfully .

Schedule an Instructor class for your company employees ~ have certified instructors for your company.

INSTRUCTOR RECERTIFICATION ~ Class to re certify BLS- Heart saver or Healthcare provider instructors ~ $125.00 per person.

Instructor course does not include student manuals, manikins, and supplies for first aid. i.e. AED trainer, first aid supplies, barriers, etc.

You can purchase these items and purchase manikins or I do have rental information for manikins.

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